St. Gerard's RC Primary School
Avalon Court

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About Us

At St. Gerard’s we aim to provide all of our children with the best start in education that they can have. We are a Catholic Primary School and our faith underpins everything we do in our school for the good of the children in our care. We have close links with our parish church (St. Mary’s Cathedral) and the priests who work there and we take every opportunity to strengthen the good work they do. Using Jesus as our example we aim to nurture educated, well balanced and socially aware citizens who will be a credit to themselves and society.

St Gerard’s is a part of ‘The Trinity Partnership’ which helps Catholic schools in Middlesbrough to provide a vision of Catholic education which extends from Nursery to 6th Form and all the stages in between. Working in partnership we can provide the education and spiritual guidance to ensure our children have the best possible start in life and follow the guiding principles of our faith throughout their school.

Carol Walker – Executive Head Teacher

Vicky White – Head of School