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St. Gerard’s is committed to educating and protecting children, staff and parents in the safe use of the internet and mobile technologies through E-safety.  We aim to maximise the educational and social benefit that can be obtained by using ICT, mobile technologies and the internet, whilst minimising any associated risks.

So what is E-safety?

The Internet is easier than ever to access, through a wide range of different technology, including computers and laptops, mobile technologies and games consoles. Use of the Internet can also have risks. Young people are at risk of exposure to unsuitable or criminal behaviour if they are unaware of the dangers.

These dangers include:-

viewing unsuitable content e.g. hate material, adult content, sites that endorse unhealthy behaviour
giving out personal information
arranging to meet an online ‘friend’
becoming involved in, or the victim of, bullying, identity theft, or making and sending indecent or illegal images
spending too much time online (internet addiction), which can effect concentration, sleep and health
copying information from the Internet or buying work from other people to use as their own. (

St Gerard’s is committed to helping children, parents, carers and teachers understand online dangers and how to combat them.

Parents Guide to Keeping Your Children Safe on the Internet

What can you do to protect your child?

Watch Thinkuknow films and cartoons with your child
Keep up-to-date with your child’s development online.
Set boundaries in the online world just as you would in the real world.
Keep all equipment that connects to the internet in a family space.
Use parental controls on devices that link to the internet, such as the TV, laptops, computers, games consoles and mobile phones.
Talk to your children and have an interest in what they get up to online.


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